Benares..lots to explore

This country India is vast & whoever says they have explored it all, is perhaps miles away from the truth. Benares, 4 years living there & n number of trips later, discovered this place for the first time last year. Few more that I did, but this one I found a little special. In Dashaswamedh Gali..

Bana Lassi…

20 odd varieties of Lassi…. Reasonable pricing. Frequented by foreigners mainly. A smoking & non smoking zone. Hundreds of books in different languages that you can buy, but can’t pick & read. But the best was this wall…in Pics here 😋

Music..keeps you going..
Books, books & choose from..
Lassi for variety though. Cheers 👍

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  1. Nityan Gulati says:

    Blog on Benaras was good

  2. sudhir601 says:

    Not to miss the Benaras sweets and the famous paan…..

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