Bergen, you will love to discover..

Once you reach here, you realise how beautiful this place is. And this world that we live in is so that we can never ever discover in entirety. But every small step forward, is a revelation. And for me this was one.. Bergen

Today, it’s just about Bryggen, the landmark of Bergen & it’s famous Fish Market..

Salmon, Tuna, Cod, Sardines, Lobsters, King Prawns you name it you get it all. Lunch in one of these Fish Market Restaurants or in one of the eateries outside is a must.

Bergen..Live it & you will just love it.You won’t get this experience again..anywhere.


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  1. Biswajit says:

    Lovely missed Bergen in all.of my previous trips in the last three decades
    …I have heard.of this fish treasure.

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