Two Champions on the streets 🎻🎸

Oslo, Norway the city of Love & Karl Johans Gate, the street where all fun lovers love to be..

And it’s not just about fun, it’s also about it’s history. This main & the most happening street of the city of Oslo, was named in the honor of King Charles III John who was also the King of Sweden during his time.

The street starts from Oslo Central station and as you walk ahead near Oslo Cathedral’s lower end you cross the Bazaar Market, which is integrated with the historic Fire Watch that served as Oslo’s main fire station from 1860 until 1939. The walk is inviting as the street stretches up to the Norwegian Royal Palace passing through historical landmarks like the Parliament, National Theatre, the old University Buildings, beautiful parks with flowers, fountains & so much more. And finally you reach the Palace, the beautiful Palace Park and the pond which serves as a skating rink in winter.

There are celebrations galore throughout the day & evening on this most visited street of Oslo with music, dance & much more..

And there among the fun & frolic, spotted these two champions. The awesome music duo.

But more about these two talented musicians later. For now let’s go around a bit..


While visiting Oslo it’s best to stay in & around Karl Johans Gate, as most of the action is here. You have some very good hotels on this street including Scandic, who have two properties. You also have the choice of restaurants all around to pick & choose from and they are all open till wee hours of morning. All the tourist attractions are also in close proximity & if you love to walk you can explore them all on foot, including the port area from where you would be availing all the boat & cruise rides.

There is more to Oslo, but let’s keep that for some other time. Now it’s time for some music 🎼🎢

Introducing the awesome twosome, with their rendition of some great music from the 60’s-70’s era…Come together by Beatles & Deep Purple. Come let’s enjoy 🎸🎻

Right here on Karl Johans Gate..

Oslo – you would love to fall in love β™₯️


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  1. Amrita says:

    Such interesting Read…. You make the plce go live with your description!!! Looking forward to read more of your travelogues!

  2. Aritro says:

    The two champs are really awesome! Want more of this 😁😁

  3. R S Tanwar says:

    What A site !!
    Simpleee amazing for a traveler
    One loved what ever one read and saw


  4. Sudhir Malhotra says:

    Complete guide to Oslo.Keep going.

    1. Ashok says:

      V informative, interesting and useful info…πŸ‘

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    Very nice, the pictures and web design are also really good πŸ™‚

  7. debibhattacharya says:

    Truly Champions

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