Dreams or destiny πŸ‘»


Our dreams decide our destiny. And so whether it’s our destiny or our destination, who should decide? We or someone else? I have always believed it’s going to be me. And only me.

We love to travel often and experience the new. In this beautiful world.

Many of my friends ask me. How do you plan your holidays? I smile & tell them, it’s easy. It only requires our will and some time. Why waste our hard earned money on travel companies, taking us for a ride. When the ride is ours, we should decide.

And so today I share the first of my simple planning tips in this New Year.

The first thing that I do is to book the hotels. Which I suggest, you should too. Because when you book early, you get wider choices and probably the best rates. But be sure to go for the “Pay later at Hotel” option. That has two advantages. First, if due to any unforeseen circumstances you have to cancel or postpone your trip, you do not lose any money. Second, if the rates come down by any chance or you come across a better property, you can cancel and book again. Either way it’s your gain.

We have been able to visit just 14 odd countries in the last three years. Not too much and there is still a long way to go for us. But when it comes to hotels, my trusted partner all through has been Booking.com

And so as I sign off and start planning for our May-June summer holidays this year, they are going to be there with us again. To give us the best options, the most cost effective solutions and in effect, the most pleasurable holidays.

Hotels around the world

And when you start planning your holidays, try your hotel bookings on Booking.com through your favorite travel blog for the best deals and offers and you are going to surely thank me for it. Also, you could check out the reviews of mine on TripAdvisor, in over 50 cities in India and abroad, for hotels, places of interest and activities which over 70,000 readers from all across the world have benefited from. Do get back if you need any help. I am learning everyday, but can still help in making your holidays very special 😊

Plan your dream destinations and your stay with help that does not cost you anything. Booking.com booking option is now available on your favorite travel blog,“Travel with passion”. Would be back soon with some more useful travel tips. Till then, keep enjoying and having fun. Wish you happiness and only happiness in this new year. And the best of holidays, to keep our balance in life 🀸


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  1. Planning ahead certainly makes trips better!

  2. Lalit says:

    Informative Article: such a nice article with beautiful pictures keep posting.

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thank you Lalit.

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