The Marvel Creation ๐ŸŒ‰

Is that the one you were talking about? She asked. I looked out and I said. Yes yes, that’s the one. Click that view. Click fast, else you’ll miss it.

And it was time to land. And so did we. Smooth landing, nice airport, short wait for our luggage, quick currency exchange & an efficient vending machine for our local transport tickets. The underground and the regional trains are right there just a floor up or down. Take your pick but buy the 24/48 hour public transport tickets prior to that, depending on the duration of your stay in the city ๐Ÿš‹๐Ÿš†

Coming back to the creation & the view that my better half had clicked. There in the distance is the Marvel Creation, The Oresund Bridge, connecting Copenhagen in Denmark to Malmo in Sweden.


Let’s look at why the world calls it a marvel.

seaside view of the bridge unrestricted

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The magnificent ร˜resund Bridge is a beautiful masterpiece rising out of the misty water and bringing together two countries that may seem similar, but share as many curious differences. Here are some facts you may love to know.

The concept of a bridge over the ร˜resund was first formally proposed in 1936 by a consortium of engineering firms who proposed a national motorway network for Denmark.The Bridge was constructed to show to the rest of Europe what two small countries could achieve in collaboration. The construction was imagined as an economical, cultural and mental bridge across the region

Construction began in 1995 and completed on 14 August 1999. During that time, setbacks occurred after 16 unexploded World War II bombs were found on the seafloor. At 7,845 meters (25,738 feet) in length, the bridge covers half the distance between Sweden and the Danish island of Amager. The artificial island Peberholm was created to enable turning a part of the bridge into a 4 km-long underwater tunnel so ships could still pass. The other reason was that Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen is just across the sea and hence it would have been a safety hazard for safe landing & departure of aircrafts to and from Kastrup. The bridge has a mass of 82,000 tonnes and supports two railway tracks beneath four road lanes along its entire length. Just amazing, isn’t it?

It takes around 20 minutes to make the journey across the bridge, making trips to and from Denmark and Sweden popular among those in search of a quick weekend break. Housing is cheaper in Malmo as compared to Copenhagen and hence many residents opt to stay there while working out of Copenhagen. Quite interesting. Being in two countries almost everyday ๐Ÿ˜Ž

From the airport we took the Regional train and in 20 minutes we were there at Copenhagen Central station. That’s the centre & the entire buzz around this city probably starts from here. A 5 minute bus ride and there we were at our hotel ready for check in.

We had decided on Cabinn City as it had promised us a great hotel at a great price. Not bad I thought, seeing the large number of tourists using this chain and an unusually long queue for check in. All done time to see what was on offer. The rooms are tiny, all there except too much of possible movement while you are inside the room ๐Ÿ˜ Light travelers like us would feel a little better. The best part, a huge window and of course the location. And since we were there to explore, room was not the real priority anyways.

And so we were all set to do something different today. Visit another country and a beautiful city, Malmo, Sweden and cross over the Oresund bridge. A day trip and back in the evening.

You could take a train or a bus. The train journey is shorter but you would then miss out on the charm of experiencing the bridge, as the train tracks are beneath the road lanes.

We had booked online the Flix bus tickets and the journey started. Let’s go ๐Ÿšƒ

Here we were at the border check. And the guys there were real tough. And it so happened that our bus was identified as the one for a thorough check. Remember to carry your passport and have valid reasons ready for the purpose of your trip while the security guys interact with you.

A good forty five minutes later we were ready to explore. Malmo. A little different city ๐Ÿ˜๏ธ

The towering presence and the Tower Church.

As we were discovering, we felt the calm of the place and started loving it. These were perhaps some of the other reasons.

There are wonderful eating options all around in Malmo & a quick lunch later we were on our way to explore the canals of Malmo. A memorable trip and fond memories to cherish for future.

But Malmo was not over yet. It had more surprises on offer. Here they are, for you.

Evening had arrived and the roads started getting unusually empty at 8 PM. Malmo, we realized, was not a late night city. A walk to Coop for a sandwich and a quick coffee at Wayne’s near Malmo Central station & then we were at the Flix bus stop, just across the road, chatting with our co passengers from different parts of the world sharing our travel stories and experiences.

The bus had arrived and we boarded for our journey back to Copenhagen, and excited at the prospect of an experience of a different kind, going over the marvel creation.

Some memories stick to your โค๏ธ

And this one will, forever ๐Ÿ’•



  1. chandrima roy says:

    Beautiful photos and so well written !

  2. aalokbhattacharya says:

    Very nice reading. Wonderful creation.

    1. Candace says:

      Beautiful shots! I canโ€™t imagine driving over a bridge for 20 minutes! Sheesh!

      1. travelwisesr says:

        Thanks Candace.

  3. Ben Butler says:

    I hope one day I can see some of the amazing places you share with us. I’d love to visit Malmo.

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Just plan out Ben & go ๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. Emily Fata says:

    Wow, ร˜resund Bridge truly is a visual masterpiece! I hope that I’m able to visit Malmo in person one day, to see it for myself.

    1. travelwisesr says:

      You’ll love it Emily ๐Ÿ˜Š

  5. cinny says:

    Fascinating, love the pictures and the contrast in architecture. Eventually, I’ll have to take a look and visit the bridge for real.

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Yes you must plan Cinny.

  6. Jacque Hooper says:

    I never realized the two countries were close enough to be connected by a bridge; very interesting!

  7. terristeffes says:

    That bridge! My dad was a welder who worked on bridges. This one is gorgeous.

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Yes it is ๐Ÿ˜Š

  8. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Do you travel all year long?

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Yes a month long summer trip with my wife & many solo trips throughout the year ๐Ÿ˜Š

  9. The magnificent ร˜resund Bridge looks amazing! I would like to see it in person. Maybe someday when I visit.

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Yes you must Emmanuel.

  10. Vanessa Delia says:

    You really did capture some beautiful sights! I would love to see some of that in person!

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thanks.Do plan out & you will love it ๐Ÿ˜Š

  11. Erin Knight says:

    That ร˜resund Bridge is so long. I wonder if there are paths for pedestrians to walk across that bridge?

    1. travelwisesr says:

      There are no walkways Erin.

  12. I’ve considered a trip to visit both Copenhagen and Malmo. I’m glad to hear it would definitely be worth it. So happy you had a wonderful excursion.

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thank you Rose.

  13. artchee says:

    The bridge looks awesome and the twisting building is amazing.

  14. I’ve not even heard of Malmo before, but I’ve heard of Copenhagen. Looks like I’ve been missing out!

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Malmo is in Sweden & connected with Copenhagen in Denmark through this marvel, Oresund Bridge.A great experience.Malmo is small & beautiful.

    2. Swagata says:

      The bridge is so gorgeous, reminds me of Penang Bridge in Malaysia . Wish we had such easy commute and relation with our neighbouring countries!

      1. travelwisesr says:

        Yes true Swagata & in just half an hour you are on the other side.

  15. that bridge is not only beautifull but also genius because itยดs a motorway and railway link, and it takes only 35 minutes by train from Malmรถ city centre to the centre of Copenhage!! LOVE IT

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Yes I too just loved the thought & the experience.

  16. ร˜resund Bridge looks incredible. It reminds me a bit of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in the US. The difference being that bridge is a tunnel and a bridge combined. It is a sight to see and scary to be on seeing the water rise next to the road. Malmo looks beautiful as do most of the cities visited on this journey of yours.

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thanks Scott. These wonderful memories keep me going round the year yearning for more ๐Ÿ˜Š

  17. karilife says:

    Wow! Those pictures are breathtaking. I find the architecture really amazing! I think that’s probably one of the most notable differences in other countries. It’s like they take so much pride in infrastructure! Love it!

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thank you Kari.Yes & this bridge has such a great history behind it’s construction.

  18. Lindsay Rae says:

    I always learn so much from reading your blog! This bridge is amazing! And I love the varying architecture in Malmo with its ancient churches and modern buildings. Once again the photography is impeccable!

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thank you Lindsay so much.Yes Malmo is a beautiful small city & what stuck me was the calmness of the place.

  19. lforsythe7040 says:

    That’s a very cool bridge to look at! However, the thought of driving over it makes me terrified, as I hate heights!

    1. travelwisesr says:

      You just got to keep looking straight ahead Lauren. And all will seem fine.

  20. Despite Pain says:

    Looks like an fantastic trip. I am always glad to see your photos. The buildings are beautiful, but that bridge looks like it just goes on and on. Pretty amazing.

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thank you so much. Malmo is s beautiful small city.And the bridge an awe inspiring experience.

  21. Truly a marvelous adventure. Thanks for sharing.

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thanks Boss ๐Ÿ‘ป

  22. I really enjoy your travel stories and brilliant photos that accompany your adventures! I definitely would love to follow in you footsteps travel wise

  23. Anna says:

    Wow, I love the photos. I really enjoy seeing the architecture of old and new mixed like in many of your images. I think that twisting tower is amazing! You post makes me want to find a way to visit. Stunning!!

  24. aword84 says:

    Oh thank you for the interesting details about the bridge! I believe I even crossed it once, and didn’t know any of it! That’s for traveling with a 2 month baby I guess.. ! But yes I remember Copenhagen for being such an interesting place. We skipped Malmo though at the time, you made me want to go back and take it from there!

  25. What a beautiful trip! Looks like you had the most amazing time, and took some really great photos to remember these fun times by.

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Yes just awesome.

  26. The Marvel Creation indeed! What an amazing time and such sights! Loved your photos and your recount of your experience.

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thank you Ashlee.

  27. As always, youโ€™ve painted a beautiful picture for your readers! I must admit that it would be kind of cool to go between two countries every day for home and work. Maybe Iโ€™m a nerd. Lol.

    1. travelwisesr says:

      I too found it so cool when I came to know.Two countries almost everyday

  28. Megan Kerry says:

    That bridge is so intense! I bet the views are fabulous from there! Great photos as always!

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Yes it is awe inspiring.Thank you Megan.

  29. I would love to visit Malmo. I googled the place and it was an awesome sight!. Thanks for sharing.

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Malmo is a very pretty small & calm city.You would fall in love.

  30. tcleland88 says:

    I had no idea you could drive between these countries now. The Chunnel got a lot of press when it was built, but I donโ€™t remember hearing anything in the 1990s U.S. news about this bridge/tunnel combination.

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Visit it to experience the marvel Tc.

    2. travelwisesr says:

      This journey is just an awesome journey really.

  31. This is something I wasnโ€™t aware of; the bridge connecting the two countries and cultures. Interesting, indeed, to be settled in one country and work in the other.

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Yes Joanna.I too found it so exciting & envy those who are privileged to do this.

  32. Nina says:

    This is exactly how you travel with a writer, through beautifully written words! I felt like I was in the place you were visiting as well! Beautiful photos!

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thank you Nina so much.It means a lot to me.

  33. Your photos are gorgeous! Im definitely going to be adding that bridge to my list of places to visit

  34. Oh I just love the windmills! The bridge scares me a bit to be honest–

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Once you are on the bridge you will forget all your fears.It’s a marvel & very safe.

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