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We are just back to Copenhagen after a lovely day out, going over The Marvel Creation πŸŒ‰ and having a great time in a calm and beautiful city, Malmo, Sweden. This Scandinavian holiday of ours has been such a wonderful revelation.

Whether it was Helsinki, Finland, the gateway to this beautiful world called Scandinavia..; Turku, where we loved The magic of Loistokari πŸ–οΈ; Helsinki to Tallinn, A cruise on Baltic ⛴️; Bergen Norway Fjords & Archipelagos.. experience it right here ⛡️ or Oslo, The Norway Fjord experience.. it’s just been such real fun. It’s been Water water everywhere 🌫️ . And we just love water. Am sure you too. But in case you still don’t, you surely will soon 🚣


A trip to Copenhagen though is not complete till you visit Tivoli Gardens, the Amusement Park just opposite Copenhagen Central station, to experience A riot of colours... Have a look before we move on to some more watery delights 🚒


Having just visited a Swedish city, and another one few days back This nice & lovely tram city🚊 Gothenburg, the capital city is where most travelers first rush to. Stockholm.

We had decided to stay in Alvsjo, about 10 minutes from the City Center by train & had chosen Connect Hotel, Stockholm. Must confess, the choice turned out to be a great one. Nice cozy room, lovely views from the room, great spread for breakfast, tea and coffee round the clock & just a five minute walk from the station. A Coop chain store near the station to stock up on some snacks and drinks, some wonderful Chinese and other speciality restaurants, leading fast food chains & a choice of Coffee shops open till late night.

And Stockholm greeted us with this very special event, India Cultural Festival. We felt so proud to see India Rising. Who needed anything more? And especially when on top of it all, you have such great views all around to give your holidays a very special meaningπŸ‘Œ








Sometimes when you are on a longish holiday, amongst the hectic schedule, there is a need to chill out practically doing nothing. Just laze around, walk around and soak in the beauty of nature. Holidays, we say, are for relaxation & we did just that today after reaching a little late, courtesy a delayed flight from Turku.

As we were at Tallinn airport taking our third flight of the day to reach Stockholm, instead of the cancelled direct flight, we happened to meet this jivy bunch. Nomme Beach Soccer Club of Estonia. And I beat their own photographer in taking this group snap of them πŸ“·. A little interaction with some members of the team was so refreshing and a great learning experience. Holidays after all are for exploring and learning the new.


A good night’s sleep and we were right up early morning to discover more. Discover the beautiful landscape of water & islands, the Swedish Archipelagos. Stockholm, here we come.

S/S Stockholm, our cruise boat to the Stockholm Archipelagos with 14 islands. Was built in 1931 and used as a postal boat. Sometime midway it was increased in length by 11 meters by cutting it into half & reshaping it into what it is today. Changed hands subsequently and now is a part of Stromma fleet.


And here is our guide Rebecca, telling us the history of the cruise boat, the islands and much much more about Stockholm. She was so good in the way she spoke & so passionate in narrating and educating us. Love and respect Rebecca. May you continue to be the great ambassador that you are, for your country. Come let’s take the journey.

City Hall, where Nobel laureates get recognized and rewarded every year. A view from our boat. And some more landscapes for you to enjoy.




Tivoli Garden, the Amusement Park





Let’s in fact take the ride together and see some of the islands and you would then get a better feel of this wonder place.

And a lovely view of a sailboat before we disembarked.


Back to the city center, we were feeling hungry and for a change, were dying to have some Indian food. And what better than our very own Indian, Saravanaa Bhavan. The one and only one in the whole of Scandinavia.



The Dosa & the filter coffee was awesome. The day was awesome. And Stockholm, you are just awesomeπŸ‘Œ


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  1. sadmanray says:

    The pictures are really scenic πŸ™‚

  2. dipudatta says:

    This blog is getting better each day. Beautiful pictures excellent narration, way to go Subhashis πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Brij Mohan Singh says:

    Picturesque and ethereal.

  4. stylelullaby says:

    wow, copenhagen looks amazing! those photos you got are incredible too. thanks for sharing!

  5. Copenhagen looks so amazing! I was there for a short time last 2017. It really brings back memories.

  6. I love Copenhagen! This is a great post. Keep up the good work!

  7. terristeffes says:

    I always miss the comment box! LOL. I love Copenhagen from the stories my friends of told me that have been there. Love your photos and narrative.

  8. I’ve heard that it’s such a beautiful place to visit. I hope to go there one day!

  9. Mitch says:

    These pictures are wonderful. What a gorgeous country, I would love to be able to visit some day!

  10. Ronnie Epsi says:

    How exciting to explore Sweden! We’re hoping to go there in the next couple of years. It will be our first time. πŸ™‚

  11. Kiwi says:

    Lovely recap. So much water but I love water.

  12. What a trip! Copenhagen is on my next round with Europe. I am absolutely estatsic that you went. I am pinning this. For a reference when I am there!

  13. artchee says:

    The different views in Copenhagen are amazing. You took great pics.

  14. Johnny Quid says:

    Your blog makes me want to travel even more than I have before. Sweden looks absolutely stunning, and I wanna give that amusement part a go! One of these days I’m gonna travel like, and I’m going to note that your blog inspired me to see the world and to document it completely. Thank you for continuing to share this with us!

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thank you Johnny. So happy to hear that you like my blog.Hope to give you more such pleasure moments.

  15. Lindsay Rae says:

    I absolutely love reading your blog! Each post is full of these amazing pictures and places and it is so very inspiring to read. I, too, love the water and wish I lived closer so I could experience it every day. But I guess that’s what the beauty of traveling is! Thanks again for sharing your magical journeys with us!

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thank you Lindsay so much. It gives me immense pleasure reading what you mentioned. And thanks for following.

  16. sjd68 says:

    Every time I read your blog I realize how many more places I need to see in the world. As someone who lives near the beach I truly appreciate the water and the serenity it brings! Beautiful pictures as always and now I’ve added Copenhagen to the list of places to visit!

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thank you so much.

  17. I always enjoy reading your blog because you take your readers on such an amazing journey every time! The pictures in this post are absolutely beautiful. I love water, so this was a really great read for me. The picture with the sailboat is easily a favorite for me. I love that you share your travels with the world through your blog.

  18. lovely how you always give your holidays a very special meaning!!!
    again lovely to read!

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thank you NN.And I love your trips too.

  19. Candace says:

    Amazing recap! I would love the go to Copenhagen one day.

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thanks Candace.Wish you visit soon.

  20. Clyde says:

    This post makes me want to explore European countries more. When you wrote water everywhere, it reminded me of the Philippines. πŸ™‚ And you have captured stunning views!

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thank you Clyde.Loved that you loved.

  21. tcleland88 says:

    I’d love to visit Scandinavia someday, but until then, your posts are what keep me going. Love the photos and commentary.

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thank you Tc so much.Wish I can continue giving you such more happy moments.

  22. Great and wonderful pictures! You sometimes know a lot about a place without physically being there. Thank you for a detailed update

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thank you so much 😊

  23. Luna S says:

    I love the photos and info you included in this, it really makes you feel like you were there even if you weren’t. Looks like a beautiful place to visit!

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thanks Luna.Yes it’s beautiful.

  24. This sounds like such a fun experience and journey! I’d love to see Copenhagen some day and enjoy not only the water places but also the culture!

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Yes you will love the place Ashlee.

  25. Rights of Equality says:

    Beautiful post, as usual. Enjoyed all the details, but the photo of Saravana Bhavan at the end made me nostalgic.We lived in Bangalore for 4 years before moving to California. We have had many road trips in those four years and the dosa and filter coffee of Saravana Bhavans – only the travelers in Southern India would know what I am talking about! your posts often makes me homesick! Even though this one was on Stockholm, still it did!!!

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thanks Swagata.Happy to remind you of some happy moments.I too am a great fan of Saravana Bhavan while I used to travel on work to South & also while I was staying in Delhi.They have an outlet in Connaught Place.Also while we went to London two years in succession & were staying in Ilford where they have an outlet.

  26. Nina says:

    Your title reminds me of, “Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink.” Kidding aside, this seems to be such a wonderful trip!

    1. travelwisesr says:

      So right.In fact I picked up the title from that same phrase 😊

  27. Wow this post gave me major wanderlust the photos are gorgeous as well

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thanks so much.

  28. Angie says:

    What an amazing trip! your blogging is giving me a bad case of wanderlust!

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Ha ha ha Angie.Go for it & also come to India

  29. Megan Kerry says:

    What a fun trip! I especially loved the photo of the market-how pretty!

    1. travelwisesr says:

      Thanks Megan.Loved that you enjoyed.

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