Tips and tricks to save on your next trip💰

International pleasure trips are costly compared to ones within our own country. And hence every Rupee or Dollar saved is as good as money earned.


Money that we can channelize towards our next trip. And hence today I share with you two tips that I employ to save. On money and to buy peace of mind. The first of them is on how to use our credit card profitably..

Credit Card benefits

When we are off for an international holiday, most of our expenses are on airfare, hotels, activities, foreign exchange and food. The rest are all miscellaneous expenses which probably we need to pay in cash. But the largest chunk can all be paid by credit card including foreign exchange, when you buy from authorized agents of leading foreign exchange dealers who are willing to accept credit cards and who also land up offering a discounted price. I have done it every time whenever I have gone on an international trip. Try it out. It works.

Use a credit card which rewards you with points accumulating towards Air Travel. I personally use a Citibank Premiermiles Credit Card and at the end of every international trip of 20-30 days it gets me points which translate into approximately 8-10 one way tickets between Kolkata and Delhi or any other destination which is equally distant. I then use these free tickets in the next 12 months for my pleasure or my business trips. Does it sound interesting? Yes money saved is flights earned 🛩️

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The second tip is going in for air ticket low cost insurance policy. These normally take care of delayed flights, cancelled flights, lost baggage, delayed baggage etc. What I normally do is that I buy these policies whenever the flights are to or from a remote location and from an airport where the number of airlines operating are less in numbers. During my last trip in summer, a cancelled flight from Turku to Stockholm delayed my travel and I got compensated for a maximum allowable amount of USD 100 to take care of my taxi expenses, snacks & harassment. Small amount but not too small either.

The other aspect that you need to keep in mind is that many an airlines compensate you for delayed and cancelled flights if you apply to them by filling up their compensation form along with receipts of your expenses additionally incurred due to the delay or cancellation. When my previous year’s flight from Zurich to London was delayed due to a technical glitch, I applied to British Airways after I reached London and they agreed to bear and paid me 50% of the total additional expenses incurred by me due to the delay in addition to the refreshments coupons that they had already given us at Zurich Airport.

Few smalls put together, make up a large. And the rewards are highly satisfying. Till we catch up again, here is a large wish from me, for you and your family, for a wonderful year ahead. Keep moving & having fun ⛷️



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  1. I had never even thought to reach out to airlines for compensation or help with expenses when travel is delayed! I simply thought it was one of those annoying things you just dealt with and that’s it. I’ve learned a lot after reading this! This is a huge tip that I think everyone needs to know when traveling.

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